Where are we located?
Jangipur Mega Food Park is located in Murshidabad district of West Bengal is spread over an area of 5324 sq. kms. The district is located centrally in the lower Ganga valley situated in West Bengal, India

What are our objectives?
We have a vision to transform agriculture into value added agri-business. The objective is to augment farmers’ income through increasing yield, better pricing and quality. We focus on reducing wastage and adding value to perishables, ensuring economic and viable processing to produce market oriented products and thereby create more employment opportunities in rural Bengal.

How is the project funded?
Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India will be providing grant of 50% of Project Cost excl. It has an active support from state government on land cost (subject to max of Rs.50 Crores) through West Bengal State Food Processing & Horticulture Development Corporation Limited.

Who are the other stake owners?
We are grateful to the following bodies for their participation and support

  1. Shiv Biri Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. 26%
  2. Temptation Foods Ltd 26%
  3. Jahangir Biri Factory Pvt Ltd 10%
  4. West Bengal State Food Processing & Horticulture Development Corporation Ltd. 11%
  5. International Print-o-Pac Limited 2%
  6. Balance to be allotted 16%

What kind of infrastructural facilities are available?

  1. Cold Storage:
    1. Pre-Cooling Facilities
    2. Modified Atmosphere Cold Storage
  2. Warehousing
  3. FPO and Quality Control Lab

Apart from those mentioned above we also have

  1. Digital pH meter
  2. Gas Chromatograph
  3. Hot air oven
  4. HPLC
  5. Laminar Flow Bench
  6. Lovibond Tintometer
  7. Magnetic Stirrer
  8. Mettler Balance
  9. Mixer
  10. Muffle furnace
  11. Polarimeter
  12. Refractometer
  13. Trinocular Microscope
  14. UV-Visual Spectrophotometer
  15. Water Bath
  16. Water Distillation Plant
  17. Refrigerator(260Lt.)
  18. Food Processing Training Center
  19. Truck Terminal
  20. Car Parking
  21. Weigh Bridge
  22. Forklift Trucks
  23. Common Facilities Building (CFB)

What are the basic food groups focused on?
At the initial stage of production, we have classified foods into Fruits and vegetables and subdivided further into various categories

  1. Fruits cluster
    1. Mango
    2. Banana
    3. Litchi
    4. Guava
    5. Papaya
  2. Vegetables Cluster
    1. Tomato
    2. Cabbage
    3. Cauliflower
    4. Ladies Finger
    5. Potato Cluster
    6. Rice Cluster
    7. Wheat Cluster
    8. Oilseed Cluster